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Leader in High-Concept Public Relations for Technology Companies

Roeder-Johnson Corporation focuses on working with technology innovators, particularly startup companies, committed to building a unique, defensible, and durable position of leadership through a very precise, high-level, and long-term communications and public relations program.

We are consistently cited by senior members of the business and trade press, analysts, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs as one of the most credible firms in the business. We are known as an excellent source of stories, interesting companies, unique market insights, and clear, high-concept positioning.

Roeder-Johnson or its principals have introduced and helped shape such varied companies as Silicon Graphics, Electronic Arts, Linear Technology, Media Vision, Excite, NetDynamics, Silicon Image, MMC Networks, Echelon, Genoa, Canesta, Xros (Nortel), Redpoint Ventures, and many others. We have positioned, launched, and provided ongoing public relations representation for over 75 high technology startups.

Our secret is that we have an ability to unearth the high concept, craft durable positioning that remains consistent as the client grows, and carry the story to a wide community of interest through tightly-integrated public relations execution.

The Benefits of High Concept Public Relations

  • A majority of our clients are regularly on sought-after lists like the Red Herring 100, Fortune Cool Companies, The Upside 100, BusinessWeek’s “Technologies to Watch”, the Wall Street Journal’s “Inside Tech”, and many others;
  • Our clients meet one-on-one with the top business press (Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, etc.), analysts, and trade press to introduce new ideas and develop substantive ongoing relationships;
  • We have named entire markets or technologies that have become part of the lexicon (network processor, linear optical amplifier, sight-enabled devices, many others);
  • Clients frequently attribute higher valuations at financings to Roeder-Johnson’s impact.

Our Principles

  • A consistent, long-term leadership story validated by ongoing events is far more interesting, powerful, and memorable than any single event;
  • The client’s story must be framed so that all audiences appreciate its significance, each in its own terms. We call this “coming up with the high concept;”
  • A client’s strategy for describing itself over a long-term horizon (2-5 years) is as important as its product, market and financing strategies, and worthy of the measured, ongoing participation of its senior executives, particularly the CEO;
  • Our most significant client is the press, and we must combine unmatched execution with good strategy.

The Four-Step Roeder-Johnson Approach

  • Exploration and understanding: Carefully learning about the company, its market, and its technology through a series of in-depth, interactive sessions with the executive staff, forcing the company to re-examine itself at every turn, while independently pursuing outside technical and perceptual research;
  • Developing the High Concept: Looking at the potential long-term story from every angle, simplifying and clarifying the model, until the underlying high concept is clear, and the company story is one that will resonate strongly with the client, its investors, key analysts and the press;
  • Introducing the company: Personally and systematically introducing the company, its high concept, and its long-term story to influential analysts and editors;
  • Building long-term leadership: Repeatedly reinforcing the company's relevance and leadership position with proof and further education.

About Roeder-Johnson Corporation

  • Founded in 1989;
  • Small, focused, by choice; only highly experienced professionals, each with a specific role;
  • The entire team works as a coordinated unit on every client; each client receives our best possible thinking;
  • Always focused on building a durable perception of leadership.