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cPacket Introduces Live “Weather Map” for Complex Networks and Datacenters

Transforms Any Static Network Map into a Dynamic Traffic View by Adding Real–Time Insight into Imminent Network Storms

ORLANDO, FL – June 24, 2013 – Today at Cisco Live, cPacket Networks has introduced a novel product to visualize network traffic behavior in real–time. This is the first network “weather map” that delivers a visual dynamic view of network performance, applications traffic, and congestion. It enables operations teams to easily track, optimize, and troubleshoot complex data centers, intermittent cloud applications, and bottlenecks in high speed networks.

Conventional network maps show only the connectivity between network elements, but not a dynamic view of the traffic conditions. Conversely, cPacket's new SPIFEE–Maps deliver real–time insight into network performance and applications behavior. In the same way that a Doppler radar weather map provides a live view of developing weather conditions, SPIFEE–Maps deliver a live view of the network behavior, congestion, and imminent disruptions.

“We used cPacket's SPIFEE–Maps in our overall monitoring ecosystem for the entire network in the recent Interop show in Las Vegas,” said Glenn Evans, Lead Network Architect of the InteropNet. “We gained a number of key benefits from the dynamic view of the network behavior; and the proactive alerts helped us to identify performance bottlenecks or intermittent network behaviors quickly. We will continue to leverage the SPIFEE Platform for distributed network visibility – which we have never had before. It substantially boosts the operational efficiency of the InteropNet.”

Democratization of Real–Time Network Information

“As live weather maps have become broadly accessible, they are used by everyone who cares about the weather –– from sailors and pilots to emergency professionals and average consumers –– to assess how the weather will impact their daily routine,” said Rony Kay, founder and CEO of cPacket. “Similarly, our goal is to deliver intuitive visibility into real–time network traffic behavior. Network professionals and users can use from this instant information to take proactive actions to mitigate the negative impact of imminent ‘network storms’ on critical business activities.”

Kay elaborated, “In the same way that we examine the weather radar map when planning an outing or monitoring an advancing storm, cPacket enables the operations team, management, and end–users to monitor the live view of network traffic. Anybody can understand the current network conditions, even if he or she is not a networking expert.”

cPacket believes that “democratization” and simplification of understanding network conditions is productive because network availability is at the heart of data centers and cloud applications and, ultimately, at the heart of critical business activities.

The new SPIFEE–Maps are a module of the recently–introduced SPIFEE platform, which integrate real–time performance monitoring, proactive alerts, and distributed network search. For more technical information about SPIFEE and SPIFEE–Maps, see

“Our mission is to use our innovative technology to simplify and provide the most effective solutions for driving network operations. SPIFEE–Maps is another example of how cPacket is transforming the network performance monitoring market,” Said Kay.

About cPacket

cPacket is the recognized leader in pervasive network intelligence. The company delivers solutions that radically simplify network traffic monitoring and data center performance optimization. At the heart of all of cPacket's solutions are its unique Algorithmic Fabric chips and innovative hardware–software architecture. The company's customers include the world's largest data centers, service providers, financial and government organizations. cPacket is located in Mountain View, CA.

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