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“Call Bulls#!t” Gives Viewers a Chance to Actively Challenge Candidates' Claims in Presidential Debates

Interlude and Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets Create New Kind of Interactive Video Experience

NEW YORK – November 17, 2015 – Interlude, the pioneering media and technology company, in a co-production with Morgan Spurlock’s production company Warrior Poets, has launched the second edition of “Call Bulls#!t”. This unique interactive experience allows viewers to actively challenge claims made by candidates in recent Democratic and GOP presidential debates.

“Interactive, responsive experiences create a kind of connection between the audience and content that has not been seen before,” said Morgan Spurlock, President and Founder of Warrior Poets. “This is what a lot of media in the future will look like. We are very pleased to be working with Interlude and be among the first to deliver what content-hungry, mobile and broadband audiences crave.”

Up until now, it has always been the media’s role to challenge claims made by public officials or candidates; for a citizen to challenge these claims, about which they are becoming angrier and more frustrated (as evidenced by this recent NBC News/WSJ Poll) to write to officials or attend a Town Hall. However, now Call Bulls#!t uses interactive video to enable anyone to personally fact-check current events, particularly those topics that they feel most strongly about. The first edition was applied to the Republican presidential debate held on October 28 on CNBC. Viewers were able to select from a slate of candidate statements and at any time to ‘call BS’ on claims they believed stretched the truth or were simply false. The second edition, just out, applies the same treatment to candidates participating in debates from both parties, including the GOP Debate that aired on Fox Business Channel on November 10th and the Democratic debate on, which was broadcast on CBS on November 14th.

Not only does Call Bulls#!t allow people to express their frustration, but it also provides the backstory of the right answer. The results of these treatments can range from funny to infuriating, depending on a particular audience member’s point of view. In the first 72 hours after the release of the first edition, Interlude found that the average person viewed the video twice and spent over 10 minutes engaging with it. Furthermore, 80% of viewers actively called BS on a candidate, revealing significantly higher than average engagement.

“Our goal is to trigger a reaction and respond to an individual viewer’s preferences with Interlude interactive experiences,” said Yoni Bloch, CEO of Interlude. “Call Bulls#!t with Warrior Poets is a great way to demonstrate the power of this medium by letting people challenge what they are hearing from candidates and take action besides just yelling at the screen.”

About Warrior Poets Productions

Warrior Poets is a New York based multiplatform production company founded in 2004 by Academy Award® nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Since its creation, Warrior Poets has produced multiple award winning films and television programs. Films include One Direction: This Is Us, POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope, Mansome, Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? and Freakonomics. Television projects include the award-winning FX series 30 Days, the IDA award-winning CNN series Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man, Showtime’s 7 Deadly Sins, ESPN’s The Dotted Line, Emmy and Writer’s Guild nominated The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3D on Ice!, and Sky Atlantic HD’s Morgan Spurlock’s New Britannia. Digital projects include Hulu’s A Day in the Life, Yahoo’s Mansome, Failure Club, Losing It with John Stamos, AOL’s Connected, and the upcoming Maker Studios vertical, SMARTish. For additional information, please visit:

About Interlude

Because of the power of Interlude’s ability to create video that adapts and responds to a person’s interests, its technology and production prowess has been tapped to create popular music videos from artists ranging from Bob Dylan, Aloe Blacc, CeeLo Green, Led Zeppelin and Carly Rae Jepsen, whose video “Run Away with Me” was recently relaunched as an interactive experience. Interlude has also created acclaimed branded content projects like Coca-Cola’s Mother’s Day and MTV Scream. Its technology is also being used by third party producers for a BBC interactive drama, “Casualty: First Day” and a murder mystery online series, “Virtual Morality”. In addition, MGM Television and Interlude recently announced a partnership to create an original interactive short version inspired by MGM’s 1983 feature film “WarGames”.

Interlude ( is pioneering a new form of media in which video can respond to a person’s actions and interests in real-time. Stories told using our patented technology platform can adapt in a multitude of directions; like in a video game, the viewer steps into the story to make choices that affect dialogue, and even the plot, at any particular moment in time. This means that viewers are offered nearly infinite experiences in live-action video within a single piece of content. The result is highly engaging game-like videos that consumers play over and over. We partner with entertainment companies, independent creators, and top brands to create episodic series that are distributed widely through a network of affiliates on the mobile web, mobile apps, and the web. Interlude investors include Sequoia Capital, NEA, Marker, and Innovation Endeavors. Strategic investors include Intel Capital, Warner Music Group and Samsung. The company is based in New York, NY with additional offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Los Angeles, CA.