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The “Clouded Datacenter” Needs Intelligent Visibility

cPacket Describes the Growing Importance of Pervasive Network Intelligence for Distributed Real–Time Monitoring and Trouble–Shooting On–Demand

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – June 25, 2012 – At a networking industry technology event this week, cPacket Networks will discuss the importance of Pervasive Network Intelligence™ for more detailed and real time situational awareness into the "clouded datacenter".

“Datacenters and cloud computing are increasingly being deployed worldwide,” said Rony Kay, cPacket CTO. “But the increasing complexity and volume of data make them 'cloudy' to the professionals chartered with maintaining them.”

Kay explained this is because modern datacenters and cloud computing infrastructure imply more distributed computing environments, faster networks, and higher traffic volume. The operations teams are responsible for maintenance of network efficiency and quick handling of networking problems, application issues, and performance bottlenecks before they negatively impact business activities. But historically, monitoring options have not been up to these demands: the torrent of traffic in datacenters can overwhelm the monitoring and troubleshooting processes with irrelevant data.

“The cost of these problems can be very high in terms of time, resources, and degraded user experience,” said Kay.

Efficient operations require instrumenting the datacenter with tools for pervasive network visibility and response. For example, a comprehensive architecture for distributed monitoring and response should include: (i) real time second-by-second information about performance, capacity, and applications health indicators; (ii) automatic user-defined triggers with the ability to interactively drill down into any traffic, anywhere in the network and on demand; (iii) selective filtering and forwarding of specific traffic to the right monitoring, security, and troubleshooting tools according to any combination of header fields and payload patterns.

Since Dr. Kay is speaking at “Sharkfest 12”, his comments will address how the vision of pervasive network intelligence and visibility in the “clouded datacenter” relates to the popular Wireshark tool, which is widely used for drilling down into protocols and analyzing specific application issues.

About cPacket

cPacket Networks is the emerging leader in systems and technologies for Pervasive Network Intelligence. Utilizing its unique cPacket chip and software architecture, cPacket provides network monitoring and response solutions at a fraction of the complexity, power, and cost of preexisting approaches. The exploding use of 10 Gbps networks and beyond to support a relentless growth in media–centric applications, cloud applications, and data centers makes the availability of truly pervasive network intelligence timely and critical.

cPacket is located in Mountain View, CA. For more information, visit