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On the Go with Webalo: Webalo Mobile Dashboard Provides Readable Reports for Mobile Devices

Users May Join Webalo's BETA Program to Test the Webalo Mobile Dashboard to Distribute and Access Readable Business Intelligence Reports

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, MARCH 10, 2006. Webalo Inc., developers of the Webalo User Proxy, the most advanced way to distribute and customize applications to multiple devices, today announced the introduction of the Webalo Mobile Dashboard, the first business intelligence solution to provide a fast, low-cost way of distributing reports to mobile users. Webalo's new product enables companies to easily deliver key business intelligence to their mobile workforce — wherever users happen to be, and on whatever devices they use, making the mobile or virtual office a reality.

In today's dynamic business environment it is essential to provide the immediate availability of business information, such as key performance indicators, balanced scorecards, and other business operations reports. According to Forrester, 45 percent of companies are looking to deploy mobile business intelligence information to business managers from C-level executives to line managers. The timely delivery of this information to them, wherever they are and on whatever devices they have available, is critical to the successful operation of any company, in any market. The challenge is that existing technologies do not support rapid delivery, real time reporting and the ability to easily view this business data on mobile devices. Typical approaches involving Web interfaces or "jeweler's lens" attachment viewers have proved inadequate for users and the cost and challenge of developing custom applications, has become prohibitive for most IT departments.

The Webalo Mobile Dashboard is the first business intelligence solution to provide a fast, low-cost way of distributing reports to mobile users, enabling companies to easily deliver business intelligence such as key performance indicators, forecasts, scorecards and dashboards to their mobile workforce. Reports are simply emailed to the Webalo service and then automatically transformed for delivery to mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Pocket PC, Treo and other smart phones.

Once a user has joined the Webalo Mobile Dashboard service it is easy to upload reports to the service, where the report content is reformatted for viewing on mobile devices. Administrators can easily configure their reports and choose which user groups will receive each report. They can then deliver reports immediately to mobile users in real-time. New versions of reports are updated automatically on each user's device and are also available off-line, giving users access to reports even if they are out of their mobile device's coverage range. To use the service, subscribers simply register on-line and pay a monthly fee for usage.

Webalo users have access to a dynamic Web-based interface for managing reports and their distribution. Administrators upload reports to the service and configure them to make the content easy to read on mobile devices. They choose which user groups will receive each report. The Webalo Mobile Dashboard supports the full range of mobile devices including BlackBerry, Pocket PC, Treo, and other smart phones. Once the administrators have set up reports for distribution, updated reports are simply emailed to the service which then automatically reformats the reports and makes them available to mobile users. Users are alerted in real-time of new or updated reports on their devices. Reports are also available off-line, giving users access to reports on their mobile devices, even if they are out of their mobile device's coverage range.

Those interested can experience this mobile business intelligence technology first hand by joining the Mobile Dashboard BETA group. For more information email or visit

About Webalo's Technology

The Webalo User Proxy overcomes a major shortcoming in the emerging distributed software applications model — commonly called Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) — that is expected to dominate computing in the 21st Century, by providing a unique User Oriented Architecture that gives end users, and their preferred interface devices, a true, continuous presence in cyberspace — transparently, and on equal terms with the applications and services running there. This simple concept has profound implications for all future system architectures — in every software domain, institutional or personal.

About Webalo

Webalo enables developers and system integrators to "put the user in charge" by dramatically simplifying and shortening the process of delivering high-functionality applications targeted specifically to individual user needs — wherever the user happens to be, and on whatever device the user chooses. This is accomplished with an important, new capability called the User Proxy that provides the missing link between today's Web services or applications and the entire spectrum of end-user devices — from desktops and laptops, to PDAs and cell phones.

The User Proxy Server, and the "User-oriented Architecture" it provides, is ideal for the rapid and high-functionality deployment of business intelligence information to mobile devices. For such high-value information, Webalo has created the Mobile Dashboard service ( — an on-demand service based upon the User Proxy technology that enables companies to immediately re-target business intelligence to users mobile devices. Later in 2006, this Webalo service will be expanded to other applications areas, enabling companies to transform a broad range of their existing applications for deployment to mobile users.

Webalo is privately held, and is located in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded in 2000. For further information, visit