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Cpacket's New Cstor Enables Integrated Retrospective Packet Forensics With Advanced Real-time Performance Analytics

Network Operators get Simplified Access to Real-Time KPIs, Proactive Alerts, and Historical Traffic Recording from a Unified Dashboard for Performance Assurance and Detailed Incident Investigations

LAS VEGAS, NV – March 27, 2014 – Continuing its mission to provide pervasive insight and to simplify network operations in high-speed complex infrastructure and data centers, cPacket has today announced its new cStor product line. The combination of the company’s cVu and cStor products, under a centralized dashboard, enables proactive detection of imminent network challenges as they happen, as well as detailed forensic examination of incidents based on historical traffic recording.

cPacket’s integrated solution streamlines the operational process and minimizes the time to resolution of complex performance and security issues. This integration lowers both the upfront costs and the on-going operational expense, while providing the most advanced performance analytics in the market.

“In the same way that video recordings can help forensically investigate a crime scene in the physical world, cPacket’s cStor device helps network operations and security personnel investigate network incidents,” said Rony Kay, founder and CEO of cPacket Networks. “Our new cStor enables detailed analysis -- both as part of an immediate incidence-response and after-action review – at an unprecedented price point.”

The cStor complements cPacket’s cVu products for real-time performance monitoring with the ability to record high speed traffic for forensic analysis of operational issues and security incidents. cPacket’s centralized dashboard, SPIFEE, provides simple unified access to both the real-time information and the packet traffic recording at a centralized location.

Kay explained that cPacket is leading the charge on next-generation monitoring in the network infrastructure and data centers. “Dependence on network performance increases with the modern applications’ consumption model that relies on virtualization, data centers, and higher speed connectivity. As the speed, volume, and complexity of traffic increases, it becomes more critical to have an efficient and agile operational process to detect issues proactively, respond in a timely manner, and enable after-action-reviews to drive corrective actions.”

cPacket has been able to offer game-changing solutions by redefining the underlying monitoring architecture. In the past, network monitoring was prohibitively expensive and consequently limited to only few locations in the network. However, cPacket pervasive visibility relies on ubiquitous smart ports (sensors) deployed across the entire network environment, which are powered by cPacket’s proprietary Algorithmic chip. The novel distributed architecture supports centralized access to the information from all the cPacket smart ports for granular detection of imminent failures, threats, or error conditions before they negatively impact critical business activities. The company offers a simple centralized dashboard, which allows operators to leverage this pervasive intelligence to enhance organizations’ operational efficiency and agility.

The new cStor is available in several configurations as modular units that can store 16 to 32 Terabytes of packets data cost effectively, for example the 24 Terabytes model costs under $20,000. Each 2U appliance can record full 10G line rate under stressful traffic conditions. The cStor has been deployed in a number of the world’s largest datacenters.

About cPacket

cPacket is the recognized leader in Pervasive Network Intelligence. The company delivers solutions that radically simplify network traffic monitoring and data center performance optimization. At the heart of all of cPacket’s solutions are its unique Algorithmic Fabric chips and innovative hardware-software architecture. The company’s customers include the world largest data centers, service providers, financial and government organizations. cPacket is located in Mountain View, CA. with a field force and partners throughout Europe and Asia.

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