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cPacket Launches the cVu Family of Intelligent 10–Gigabit Real Time Monitoring Switches

Delivers Scalable Pervasive Network Intelligence and Visibility for Efficient Data Center Operations

LAS VEGAS, NV, May 8, 2011 – At Interop this week, cPacket Networks [Interop booth #1275] is launching a complete product family of intelligent data center monitoring switches. The expanded cVu product line transforms the traffic monitoring switch market by combining aggregation and replication with the most advanced real time L2–L7 packet filtering, on-the-fly performance visibility, and built–in flow load balancing. This means that data centers, service providers, financial institutions, and telecommunication network operators can ensure optimal performance and uptime of high speed 10–Gigabit networks.

“Our products inspect every bit in every packet and every flow at full line rate under any traffic conditions and can immediately trigger automatic actions based upon the observed data or key performance indicators,” said Rony Kay, founder and CEO of cPacket.

Modern data centers struggle with insufficient situational awareness, lack of actionable visibility, and inability to drill down and troubleshoot network hot–spots, microbursts, and spikes in real time — resulting in performance bottlenecks, intermittent disruptions, and inefficient resource allocation. Unfortunately, monitoring solutions have not been able keep up with the speed and complexity of the modern computing infrastructure. Therefore, a new type of monitoring solution is needed — one which can sustain line rate under any traffic conditions and is not overwhelmed by intentional or unintentional denial of service traffic.

cPacket’s solutions provide “pervasive network intelligence” for advanced visibility and monitoring of data center networks and applications traffic. The cVu product family includes the cVu320G with 32 10–Gigabit ports, which was introduced in Interop last year; the cVu240G with 24 10–Gigabit ports; and the new cVu120G with 12 10-Gigabit ports. All of these products deliver port aggregation, replication, wire–speed L2–L7 filtering, real time performance analytics, and built–in coherent flow load balancing. Easy to use and consistent management of multiple distributed devices is supported by a streamlined web-browser GUI and a scriptable command-line.

Particularly valuable for financial services and trading applications that need highly accurate latency measurement and optimization, the cVu family also supports an optional Precision Timing Module for real time analysis of microbursts and for nanosecond resolution time stamping directly at the transceiver input. The accurate time stamping is coupled with cPacket’s hardware and software clock–synchronization architecture, which facilitates precise measurement of applications latency and jitter. The performance counters and time stamps can be used as data feeds to a variety of commercial and open source tools (see

“As businesses depend more on their networks and remote data centers, the deployment of 10–Gigabit links is rapidly accelerating,” said Kay. “The increasing network speed combined with complexity of distributed cloud applications makes it critical to identify hot spots and issues immediately and address them, before they escalate out of control and impact critical business activities. The cVu family enables our customers to improve the efficiency of their data center operations and productivity of the operations teams.”

cPacket unique hardware and software technology is based on the company’s breakthrough algorithmic fabric on a chip, which delivers “complete packet and flow inspection at wire speed.” (For more information, see

All cVu products are available now.

About cPacket

cPacket Networks is the emerging leader in systems and technologies for Pervasive Network Intelligence. Utilizing its unique cPacket chip and software architecture, cPacket provides network monitoring and response solutions at a fraction of the complexity, power, and cost of preexisting approaches. The exploding use of 10 Gbps networks and beyond to support a relentless growth in media–centric applications, cloud applications, and data centers makes the availability of truly pervasive network intelligence timely and critical.

cPacket emerged from stealth mode in 2007 and is located in Mountain View, CA. For more information, visit