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cPacket Complete Packet Inspection Chips to be Widely Available Through Anchorpointe

Cutting Edge Network Monitoring and Security Technology Takes Switches to Next Generation

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – DECEMBER 14, 2007 – Manufacturer's Rep AnchorPointe Sales has added complete packet inspection chip supplier cPacket to its line card. cPacket is an emerging leader in chips for "complete packet inspection" — a process where 100% of the information flowing through a network link is inspected and analyzed in real time, for network monitoring and security purposes. cPacket's unique chips are synergistic with other technologies represented by the Santa Clara, CA-based AnchorPointe, including those of Altera, Bay Microsystems, Dune Networks, PMC-Sierra, and others.

"Our customers include some the most important security and network equipment suppliers in the world and our goal is always to bring them the best and most significant technologies to keep them at the forefront of the market", said Jeff Twombly, CEO of AnchorPointe. "It is clear to us that the opportunity to add the world's leading packet inspection capability to their network product offerings will be extremely appealing to them."

Deep packet inspection refers to a process where the data — or payload — in packets flowing through a network link, are examined to determine the impact of that traffic on the network. Historically, deep packet inspection has been processing-intensive, costly to implement, and difficult to manage — leading to the appearance of expensive solutions that are typically deployed only in the most centralized locations in the network, rather than throughout the entire network fabric, where it is increasingly needed.

cPacket changed this situation with its announcement of a new chip whose architecture and algorithmic fabric enables it to perform complete packet inspection — both protocol headers and payload data — "on the fly" at line speeds to 20 gigabits per second. The design of the chip is such that it can easily be "dropped in" to existing or new network equipment designs to provide unprecedented network monitoring and security improvements. With the chip in operation, for example in a router, 100% of the traffic can be compared to specific profiles with surgical precision, and conforming data allowed to pass, while non-conforming data can be re-directed, dropped, or rate limited.

AnchorPointe's customers who incorporate the novel cPacket CPI chip into their products can expect a 10-to-1 improvement in packet processing speeds, at about one-tenth the costs, over previous implementations. The net 100-to-1 improvement in cost-performance and reduced design complexity means that a new generation of "situationally aware" network devices with rapid response capability can be integrated pervasively into the network infrastructure — at the core, edge, or anywhere in between — without the cost, complexity, or performance bottlenecks that last-generation packet inspection technologies have created.

Applications for cPacket's 20 gigabit CPI chips include network traffic monitoring, security, lawful interception, and test and measurement and integration into switches. cPacket's unique algorithmic fabric and chip architecture support on-the-fly inspection of every bit in every packet at full line rate, including worst-case traffic conditions like minimum size packets.

The cPacket chips support "data in," "data out," "redirect," and "control" ports. A simple and powerful applications programming interface (API) is provided that gives the manufacturer — and the end user — and an easy-to-use, browser-based template programming model for setting up reports and monitoring rules.

About AnchorPointe Sales

AnchorPointe is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and is a leading manufacturer representative focused on the networking and communications market places. Its product line includes Altera, Aquantia, Bay Microsystems, Dune Networks, Monlithic Power, PMC Sierra, and Sandisk. Additional information about AnchorPointe Sales is accessible at

About cPacket Networks

cPacket Networks is an emerging leader in chips and technologies that offers breakthrough, "complete" packet inspection, at a fraction of the complexity, power, or cost of preexisting approaches. It provides manufacturers of routers, switches and other network appliances a low-impact means to easily drop game-changing, wire-speed active network traffic analysis and response directly into their existing or planned designs — whether targeted at the service providers, the enterprise, or the small office. The exploding use of networks for media-centric applications makes the availability of truly pervasive deep packet inspection timely and crucial.

cPacket was founded in 2003 and is located in Mountain View, CA. For more information, visit

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