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Breakthrough Game Developer, Sam Barlow Joins Interlude

“Her Story” Writer and Director will Take Interactive Narrative and Storytelling to the Next Level

NEW YORK – March 15, 2016 – Interlude, the media and technology company that is pioneering next generation interactive video that has emotional intelligence, announced today Sam Barlow, award-winning and breakthrough video game director, has joined the company. Barlow’s critically acclaimed “Her Story” is one of the first to successfully use full motion video (FMV) in a narrative video game.

As an Executive Creative Director at Interlude, Barlow will be responsible for conceiving and directing a variety of new Interlude experiences – including the previously announced original digital short inspired by MGM’s three-time Academy Award-nominated 1983 feature film “WarGames”. He will also lead definition of a number of new series which will be showcased on Interlude’s new eko network.

“As a storyteller, my passion is to create emotional experiences and to use interactivity as a way of making them resonate in the hearts of the audience,” said Barlow. “Interactive video is poised to be a revolutionary medium for exploring these goals. When I saw the work Interlude is doing and the platform they are creating, I felt that we were on the same journey. Our dream is personalized, reactive stories with a heightened emotional impact. I am excited for us to define this medium and create something that is more than games and more than video.”

Sam Barlow is a game director and writer who has been making games since his cult 1999’s title, “Aisle”. Barlow has an extensive history of making games that create deep personal connections with their players. With “Silent Hill: Shattered Memories” he created a classic that psychologically profiled Wii gamers. In 2015 he released “Her Story” reinventing the FMV genre for the YouTube generation. Barlow will now further explore the new medium of interactive streaming video to create the next generation of stories.

“The creators of this new medium will come from many disciplines,” said Yoni Bloch, a founder and CEO of Interlude. “Sam Barlow is the very best in the field of combining gaming and video to evolve a new kind of entertainment. We are very excited to have him join us to help envision the future of entertainment.”

About Interlude

Interlude ( is a new form of media and technology company that is pioneering next generation interactive video that has emotional intelligence. Stories told using Interlude’s patented technology platform can adapt in a multitude of directions; like in a video game, the viewer steps into the story to make choices that affect dialogue, and even the plot, at any particular moment in time. This means that viewers are offered nearly infinite experiences in live-action video within a single piece of content. The result is highly engaging game-like videos that consumers play over and over. We partner with entertainment companies, independent creators, and top brands to create episodic series that are distributed widely through a network of affiliates on the mobile web, mobile apps, and the web. Interlude investors include Sequoia Capital, NEA, Marker, and Innovation Endeavors. Strategic investors include MGM, Intel Capital, Warner Music Group and Samsung.

The company is based in New York, NY with additional offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Los Angeles, CA.