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Alta Devices to Discuss How to Keep Your UAV (Drone) From Falling Out of the Sky


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) or drones are rapidly being commercialized. In order to perform critical tasks from agricultural crop monitoring to delivering the internet to the unserved billions, it is imperative that these vehicles remain aloft for extended periods at a time. Alta Devices will discuss the important role of solar power, how it complements other advanced technologies, and how it works together with batteries in these applications. Also key is understanding why the most efficient and lightest solar cell technology is the best solution for UAVs.

Where and When

InterDrone 2016, Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Panel Session: Take Charge: Battery Life Innovations on the Horizon
Panelist: Rich Kapusta, Chief Marketing Officer, Alta Devices
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
9:00-9:45am, Chablis Room


Alta Devices designs and manufactures the most efficient, thinnest, and flexible solar technology in the world and is revolutionizing the endurance of unmanned systems. The company recently announced that it had achieved another world record of 31.6% solar efficiency with its newest cells. As an example of the implications of this breakthrough, on a typical HALE (high altitude long endurance) UAV aircraft, Alta’s solar material requires less than half of the surface area and weighs one-fourth as much while providing the same amount of power as competing thin film technologies. These savings open UAV designers to a variety of alternative design options. Additional batteries can be installed on the vehicle, providing longer operational life spans and flight times than originally considered. Alternatively, payload functionality can be tailored for higher speed or longer distance wireless communications. Either of these design optimizations translate into a considerable increase in economic value to the aircraft operator.

About Alta Devices

Alta Devices is (EM)POWERING THE UNPLUGGED WORLD™ by delivering the world’s most efficient, thin and flexible mobile power technology. By converting light of any kind into electricity, Alta Device’s AnyLight™ power technology extends the energy source of a system, and in many cases, completely cuts the traditional power cord. The solution can be completely integrated into the final system, and is ideal for use in unmanned systems, consumer electronics, sensors, automotive, remote exploration, wearables, or anywhere size, weight, and mobility matter. Alta Devices holds world records for energy conversion efficiency and is located in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, visit Alta Devices is a Hanergy company.