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Interlude is pioneering a new form of media in which video can respond to a person's actions and interests in real-time. Stories told using Interlude's patented technology platform can adapt in a multitude of directions. As in a video game, the viewer steps into the story to make choices that affect dialogue, and even the plot, at any particular moment in time. This means that viewers are offered nearly infinite experiences in live-action video within a single piece of content. The result is highly engaging, game-like videos that consumers play over and over.

Interlude partners with entertainment companies, independent creators, and top brands to create episodic series that are distributed widely through a network of affiliates on the web, the mobile web, and via mobile apps. Interlude investors include Sequoia Capital, NEA, Intel Capital, Marker, and Innovation Endeavors. The company is based in New York, NY with additional offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Los Angeles, CA.

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